Friday, February 5, 2016

Quick Reviews: L.A. Slasher

If #Horror was made about *everyone* being assholes, you'd have today's Film.  Oh, right...
After some cartoony Credits, we see a woman (Brooke Hogan!) wandering around covered in blood.

She's never seen again, so I hope you enjoyed seeing the Star of 2-Headed Shark Attack and Sand Shark for 30 seconds.
In Los Angeles, a mysterious man is targeting the more vapid, disreputable cliches...I mean, people.
As the Media covers his actions and plays his Videos, he manages to operate freely.  How do you not see this?!?
This guy sure is creepy.  The fact that he's voiced by Andy Dick- really- is just bonus.
The Film is chock full of terrible people.  I hope you like watching them be punished.

Well, except for this guy.  Somehow HE doesn't end up getting killed...dammit.
In this Social Media Era, can humanity survive?  More importantly, can this do a better job than Scream 4 did?  To find out, watch the Film.
A pretty good, if somewhat insufferable Film.  I get it- you think that alot of people are bad.  The Film has a pretty clear message.  That said, it is done with the subtlety of a sledgehammer fired out of a cannon!  Seriously, Jon Waters would tell you to tone it down- we get the point!  With that said, there is alot of interesting stuff here.  For a Film with alot of implied violence and brutality, it doesn't exactly show alot of blood and guts.  It has a point and isn't overly-bloody- it is the Film that Kill the Scream Queen! should have been.  Nah, there's no way that the Film would have been good.  Like #Horror, the Film plays with the visuals involved in Texting, Live-Streaming and the like.  I can appreciate that.  The Film is chock full of lots of silly and/or flashy Editing, including that thing where you cut for like 2 seconds at a time while someone walks towards the camera.  That one's for you, Bob!  L.A. Slasher is one of those Film that I can appreciate for what it does, even if I don't care about seeing it again anytime soon.  Mind you, it does have the bizarre union of 'Machete' and 'Mr. Jinx' though...
Much like #Horror, I can kind of appreciate what they are going for.  The fact that I hate pretty much everyone in the Film doesn't help though.

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