Monday, November 23, 2015

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Books From Beyond'

Thankfully for both you and I, this Segment lives on!

Let's see what Ash and company are up to this time on their quest to save the World...
Just behind her Heroes, Lucy Lawless is on their trail.  What is her ultimate goal?
In a nearby Town, Ash and his 'pals' are at the Book Store that will hopefully hold the answers to the secrets of the Necronomicon.

 For my younger Readers, a Book Store is like a giant Kindle Fire.
The man is awestruck by the Book and gives some much-needed Back-Story on it.  Can he help though?
I won't SPOIL things, but I will tell you that our Heroes make a poor choice.  Shocking- I know!
Will the sudden combination of our A and B-Plots end as quickly as it started?  See for yourselves.
Some crazy, gory fun.  Without giving too much away, this one really ups the ante.  We've seen some crazy creatures on the Show so far (as well as the Films), but they definitely raise the bar here.  Aside from that, we get some forward Plot momentum, some good Humor, Ash learning a lesson and some hints at what is to come.  As I mentioned, we also get some more background on the evil book itself and see just why it is so bad.  This one has a neat mix of Ash trying to play it cool and Ash really being overwhelmed.  Kudos to the Show for giving us a nice little Arc.  It was possible that the Show was just going to be one prolonged Evil Dead Film, but they have taken some nice turns to make it more than that.  They play off what you expect and give you something more.   Seeing this almost makes up for the cruel, hopeless Evil Dead Remake.  Yes, I'm still not over that!  This Episode keeps the momentum going nicely and makes you wonder what is around the next corner.  Before I go, let me see how much fun Ash is having so far...
Things can't possibly get any worse.  No- of course they can!  See you next Episode!

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