Friday, November 6, 2015

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Frankenstein Reborn (Part 2)

You're not off the hook this easy, Asylum Film!

In Frankenstein Reborn, the Doctor is coerced (by way of violence) to make a Lady Frankenstein.  After one failed pick, the Creature picks a new target.  Naturally, it is a Babysitter.

They already did Hooker, so it had to be either a Babysitter or a Cop.
In Horror Cliche #42, the kid thinks that the Monster is her friend.

I could kind of buy it with the Karloff Version, but look at this demonic mother#$@%er.  Is he friendly-looking to you?
So he chokes the woman to death (but not the kid, I guess) and takes her back to the Lab.
Don't worry- she didn't die for nothing!

In a bit right out of The Brain That Wouldn't Die, her body will be used for the new Creature.  Hurray?
Admittedly, she's yes of a Poor Bastard since something comes of her death.

In spite of that, she's still some random woman with no name that is killed by a Creature, so...qualifies.

The moral: it isn't safe to be a Babysitter anywhere.  No Date Night is worth your life, ladies!

Next up, it isn't even safe to do your job.  Damn you, stalkers!  Stay tuned...

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