Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Bait'

After a few days, I might as well move on to the next Episode of Ash vs Evil Dead...
In the aftermath of the attack on Ash's Trailer, there is certainly some explaining to do!
When one of them runs off with the Necronomicon, a driving they must go!
Meanwhile, the B-Plot continues as this Detective is just behind our heroes.  Keep waiting for this Story to sync up!
Ash and his friend go to check on our Heroine's Mother, who is seemingly back from the dead.  Cue awkward Dinner Party...
Naturally, I won't SPOIL what happens.  I'm not that much of a dick.  Don't worry, Ash!
A solid follow-up.  Now that all the crazy has been set-up, we get to a slight reprieve.  Nah- just kidding.  You get a few good Deadite kills here, lots of blood and Tom Cruise's ex-wife.  The Plot moves forward a little bit, which is good.  I'm still waiting for the B-Plot to catch up with the A-Plot, but I'm sure that it is coming.  Who is Lucy Lawless' Character exactly and will she be a help or a hindrance?  The Show has the challenge of making everyone else as interesting to us as Ash is.  I hope that they are up to the challenge.  At this point, all of the Supporting Cast is just being built up, so time will have to tell on that one.  There's still plenty of time for good Character Moments in this one alongside the splatter, so it is a win-win.  It remains to be seen now if I will get to see more of this face...
Will I cover more of this Show?  Do you want me to?  Hit me back- provided you aren't just Spam.

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