Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Quick Reviews: We All Scream For Ice Cream (Masters of Horror)

As the 10-year anniversary of the Show's beginning approaches, let me keep covering it...
In this Episode/Movie, we learn that the sins of your past will always come back for sticky punishment.
In this opening bit, we see a child eat this freaky ice cream bar at night and his dad dies via ice cream transmogrification.

That's unique, right?
After his Funeral, we learn that he was part of a child gang (sort of) that may have something to do with his death.  One of them is the Jerk Brother from the Weird Science TV Show, so I'd kill him too.
This all relates to the death of a Clown (John Forsythe) from their childhood.

So...he's not Freddy Kreuger, right?
The mysteriously-powered Clown is now using their kids to kill them- with ice cream.

I suppose that's ironic, but he never runs them over with his truck though.  I'm just saying.
Can our hero save his family or will they be destined to kill their Dad...with ice cream.  No SPOILERs this time.
It may not sound fresh, but it kind of is.  Yes, this Story has some obvious Cliches to it.  Yes, the killer sounds like Freddy Kreuger when you explain him.  That said, the Movie/Episode still kind of worked for me.  They give you nice enough Characters to make you care about their situation.  In the Making Of, they describe Tom Holland as an 'Actor's Director.'  I kind of see it here.  Aside from that, the Movie has some great make-up work going on and some good ideas behind it.  The stuff with the ice cream transformation is nice and unique.  When you see it really happen on-screen, it is nice and freaky.  I was really pessimistic about this one, but it won me over.  It just might do the same to you.  If you doubt me, just take it up with this guy!
While it sounds Cliche, Holland and company make it feel more fresh than you might think.  Kudos.

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