Monday, November 30, 2015

New-Old Flix: Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Yes, this is real.  Don't worry if you missed the first two- they don't exist.  Today's Film is Dude Bro Party Massacre III, a Slasher Spoof Film which is all sorts of weird.  Really weird- like stupid weird!  The Film is the fictional Sequel to a fictional Film- makes sense, right?  In this familiar Tale, a College Fraternity is targeted by a crazed person from their past.  It happens again.  By now, we are at the 3rd attempt to wipe them out and a new wrinkle is added: a twin brother.  As a bonus, the Actor that plays both of our Leads is named Alec.  How am I so lucky?!?  He was also a Production Assistant on Norbit- thanks, IMDB!  To make things even better, we have 'Mark' from The Room here.  In addition, we have Patton Oswalt aka the reason that most people know about Death Bed: The Bed That Eats.  This one is going to be odd to cover, so bear with me...
The Film really commits to the 'Lost 80s Film' motif and has a Story to try and explain it.

My question- who records a Film at 4am, but actually takes the time to stop recording during the Commercials?  I mean, he's asleep or at least mostly-drunk, right?
Since this is the 3rd Film (sure!), we get an opening that shows a bunch of random kills that made up 'the other two.'  It is all super-random and features Larry King!                                                                                                    
After he's done setting this up, our Hero is killed by the Villain (Motherface), but only after revealing that he is a twin...who is now going to said College to join said Fraternity to solve the aforementioned murder.

All caught up?
In a B-Plot, a Police Captain (Oswalt) sends 2 Cops out to bring the killer to justice.  Also something to do with a lack of Oranges.
The Fraternity goes out to a Lake (since shooting at a Campus is expensive), but they aren't alone!
Motherface shows up and starts a random and bizarre killing spree.  This all has to do with an accident like a Decade ago, jut so you know...
Is the Fraternity doomed to be killed in ridiculous ways or will the Cops save the day?
Yeah, I don't like their odds.  To find out what happens, watch the Film.  The End.
Some good moments in a sea of weirdness.  The Film runs right to the 90 minute mark and nothing more.  Even so, they tend to be less funny and more random.  I'm not going to say that I didn't laugh, but I didn't do it nearly as much as they had in mind.  The film is chock full of big, silly gross-out moments.  In that regard, it doesn't disappoint.  The problem: there's no balance or filter.  This is just a bunch of random things slapped together with a loose idea for a Film.  The Cast includes 'Mark,' a (mostly) former Porn Star, Patton Oswalt and Andrew W.K.- you don't get much more random!  The Film is pretty much made by Committee.  Everyone who had an idea apparently got it in here.  As a result, the Tone and Quality are all over the map.  A more solid Narrative and less Writers would have helped this rise above just being kind of strange and often funny.  It is better than the silly Title would have you think...but still not super-great or anything.  Let's thank the Internet before we go...
Next up, I finish these damn Insidious/Conjuring Films.  Let me just enjoy the 6 months or so I get until more Sequels please!  Stay tuned...

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