Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quick Reviews: Dead Rising- Watchtower

Are all Video Games destined to be bad or at least underwhelming?  Well, I didn't even hear about this one until last Week, so let's see...
In a Cold Open, we see our Hero (Jesse Metcalfe) under siege by Zombies.  What happened?!?
A few days earlier, he was inside a City under siege due to a Zombie Outbreak.  Chaos will ensue...
During all of this, previous Hero Frank West- played by Rob Riggle- is at the News Desk.

While he was the lead in the first Game and brought back by popular demand in a spin-off of the Sequel, he does pretty much nothing here.  Yea?
Alongside a mysterious woman and a sad Mom (Virginia Madsen), he hopes to make it out alive!
In his way, Mr. Z, a Gang Leader who has stepped up in the last year that the City has been in lockdown.

Oh and about 53,954 Zombies!
On top of that, there is a secret to why the Zombie Outbreak got so bad over the last few days.  What is it?

Obviously, I ain't saying a thing.  No SPOILERS, n00b!  The End.
Some good Action and Story, but nothing great.  The good part: a surprisingly-deep Story and some good Zombie killing.  Considering that the Games are all about Zombie killing, they sure as hell better have plenty of the latter!  I will say that you don't get the big pay-off in the form of the unique combination weapons until quite a ways in.  I guess it is just for dramatic effect, but it is a tad disappointing.  The B-Plot of the Film is kind of interesting and balances out pretty well with the main one.  Honestly, if the main one didn't have all the Zombie action, this one would be better!  Metcalfe and company do a decent job, but don't impress all that much.  Speaking of which, this Film was Directed by the man behind Tasmanian Devils and Leprechaun: Origins, so it isn't exactly mind-blowing.  There's also my Pet Peeve- CGI Blood.  Yes, it is around alot, but I still don't like it.  Ultimately, the Film is good, but not great.  Considering how low my bar was, this is actually a big achievement!  If you like the Games, you may want to give it a look and decide for yourself...
Nothing all that great, but a decent enough Plot and some fun moments.  Could be better and worse.

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