Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quick Reviews: Terminator- Genisys

I'm back!  After this Film finally came to Video (since I wasn't paying for this in Theaters), I decided to go back to the Past with...
In the year 2029, John Connor (now not played by a young Actor with drug problems) sends Kyle Reese (now not played by Chekov) to save his Mother...and bone her.
When he gets back to 1984, he discovers a T-1000 (now Korean for some reason) and a Sarah Connor that is now inexplicably-badass.
It all ties back to someone having sent ANOTHER Terminator back to kill Sarah earlier and someone else sending a T-800 to save and raise her.

My question: why didn't the T-1000 coming back in T-2 cause this problem?
I won't SPOIL this one (more than the Trailers did, anyways), but I will tell you that you get big, action set-pieces, CG and the Golden Gate Bridge under attack- again!
With yet another new Terminator model (they are worse than iPhones!), can the gang survive and stop the Machine Army?  To find out, you know.
Lots of headaches with so little reward.  The Film isn't shot badly.  It has good CG Effects (generally), big set-pieces and some good ideas.  While I question alot of *why* it happens in the Story, this Sarah Connor is good to watch.  Honestly, Emilia Clarke is arguably the best part.  Everyone else can be a little flat (Jai Courtney), underused (Matt Smith), one-note (Schwarzenegger)  or generally-inconsistent (Jason Clarke).  The biggest issue is the Story.  It *could* have been really interesting, but just leaves so much unanswered.  One of the reasons- besides lazy Screenwriting- is because this, like many Films, was designed as a Trilogy.  We'll see if China convinced them to make a follow-up, but it is doubtful.  I was tempted to just make this Review out of questions raised by the Story, but I obviously didn't.  While I'm on the subject...

- How does the T-800 know about the time-line change?
- Who sent him?
- Is there a third Time Machine?
- How does Sarah know about her previous-timeline self?
-How did the other Sarah's upbringing set-up John Connor's personality and thus an alternate one?
- How does the T-800 regenerate his arm tissue later?
- How did the timeline change make the Machines decide to send back the T-1000 as Korean?
- Lastly, how did the timeline change make Bill Paxton into a different guy entirely?
Not a good Film overall.  It just raises way too many questions without satisfying its Audience in return.

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