Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Psycho (2014)

I just saw this interesting new movie today, so let's induct it properly with a Poor Bastard of Cinema.  It is by some young, up-and-coming Director named Hitchcock and it breaks all of the rules!

A young woman has stolen some money from her company and is getting the heck out of Dodge!  People still use that expression, right?
She goes to a local Motel and settles in for the night.  Naturally, we get a Shower Scene.  How cliche is that in Horror Films these days?  Geez!
A mysterious lady appears, pulls open the curtain and attacks!

Damn- that bitch is scary!
After a few well-placed stabs, she goes down in dramatic fashion.  Crime never pays, lady.
Naturally, we get some blood.  I mean, it is a Horror Film after all.

Credit where credit is due: the use of black-and-white makes it extra effective.
Why did this lady die?  Because- that's why.

While I feel for this poor, dead lady, I do see big things in this Janet Leigh and Mr. Hitchcock.  Good luck!

Oh yeah and April Fools!

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