Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/20 Day: Bottom 5 Pot Films

Since the actual partakers of this so-called Holiday will do most of it today, let's do it.  Besides, I have actual *Holiday* work to do on Sunday.

I don't smoke Pot.
I don't enjoy Pot Comedies.

Are these two statements necessarily-related?  I don't think so.

In 'honor' of the unofficial celebration, here are the *Bottom* 5 Pot Films that I've reviewed thus far.  I'm excluding a previous 4/20 Day film called Alice in Acidland, since...well, you figure it out.

1. Meat Weed America: This is still the worst.  The follow-up to Meat Weed (which Michele reviewed) is about a group of people who smoke Meat Weed (you figure it out!) who have their way of life threatened by a Terrorist too dumb to name.

The film has about six other random Plot Points including the birth of half-man/half-purple cow, a pointless one with Lloyd Kauffman: Art Dealer and the 'classic line': 'I'm gonna give you the AIDZ, bitch.'  At least the Director didn't mind me tearing it to pieces.
2. Pot Zombies: More like Shit Zombies!  The basic idea- mutated Pot makes you into Zombies is 'fine.'  The key is that this film has no overall plot.

Seriously, it is just a series of 'set up, zombies and end' scenes.  Save me, Rifftrax Live!
3. Evil Bong 2- King Bong: Yes, the Sequel is worse.  In this film, our heroes go to an island to escape the side effects of smoking the titular Bong in the last film.

They come across the titular new threat, a gang full of Porn Stars (Thanks, IMDB!) and this scene ripped off/inspired by The Fly.  More dumb and pointless...somehow.
4. Evil Bong: Still bad, but less so.  Idiots smoke the titular Bong and get attacked in 'Bong World' by ladies wearing Monster Bras (why is that a thing again?).  Plus, Tommy Chong.

The best/worst parts are the random Full Moon Character Cameos from folks like Jack Deth (Thomerson did this, but not Trancers 6), The Gingerdead Man, Decadent Evil's Vampire Hunter and Oogie Boogie here.  They're nonsensical, but *can* remind you of better films (and Gingerdead Man).
5. Bong of the Dead: The least worst of the worst.  The film is pretty clearly inspired by Shaun of the Dead, but is also weirdly-paced.

On the plus side, ridiculous gore.  On the negative side, everything else really.
If you smoke Pot, you may enjoy them.  You probably won't notice all of the issues while you're riding that high.  Good for you.

I hope you enjoyed this look at previous Pot Films.  I don't exactly plan on rushing out to watch any more anytime soon (which means that Maynard will give me nothing but them for PT now).  Happy whatever day.

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