Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blatantly-Misleading Cover Art: Night at the Magic Museum

Full Moon- they make alot of movies (many of which are really bad).

Moon Beam- they are a subsidiary Company that make Films for the younger audience.  Take, for example, this film which is available on DVD (at 7-11 Stores)...
Why does this remind me of something?  I keep getting Deja Vu...
Oh, right.  That hit Film.

First off, this is the ORIGINAL Poster for it.  Similar Title, but you can spot the difference(s).
Second: the Plot Synopsis states that our Hero (does his name matter?) finds something in said Museum and is transported to *Insert Fantasy World Here*.  So...the Museum is not exactly a big part then?

Okay then.

Is it worth asking why he's not wearing the same clothes in the new Poster?  You couldn't Photoshop around that?  Weird.

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