Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lazy Rip-Off Cover Art: Asteroid vs Earth

A post about The Asylum- that's new!

One of this Studio's New Releases is a film called *wait for it* Asteroid vs Earth.  Check out the Box Art/Poster...
Why am I getting Deja Vu?  Does The Asylum have a history of ripping-off other Films?  Surely not!

Just for fun, let's check out this Poster...
I guess there are only so many ways you can make an Asteroid hit the Earth, but...maybe a different angle?  Do Asteroids have to come from the same direction given the MILLIONS of directions that the seemingly-infinite void of Space offers?

Two other points:

1. Spoiler Alert on your Box Art?
2. 'The Classic Sci-Fi Thriller Returns' you say?  Do you mean conceptually?  Because the Syfy Channel has been making Disaster Films non-stop for years!

You should know this- they do air ALL of your Films after all.  Weird.

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