Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunny Fun: The Nasty Rabbit

I skipped a Horror Film this time, but still ended up with something scary.  Today's film is The Nasty Rabbit, a film released on DVD by Alpha Video.  Now you're saying to yourself 'Why mention who released the DVD?'  Well, you see, Alpha and I have a...unique relationship.  The short version: they release any old film they can find for free/cheap- good or bad.  I own ONE film on DVD from Alpha- Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.  If you don't know, it is a Recut (with a few new scenes) of a film itself recut from a Russian Science-Fiction Film.  Thanks, Roger Corman!  So, with that in mind, let's lower the bar even further.  The Film was Directed by Arch Hall Sr, so it naturally Stars Arch Hall Jr.  The pair worked together for a handful of Films.  Their most famous work: Eegah!  Joy.  Is the bar not low enough yet?  Okay, here's some more information for you: this is a Slapstick Cold War Comedy.  Worried yet?  Let's be clear: this Sub-Genre is not all bad.  There are some legitimately-good Films covering this Topic, most notably The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming.  That Film has classically-trained funny men like Alan Arkin and Carl Reiner; this one has Arch Hall Jr.  So yeah, it's bad.  The Story involves the Russians sneaking a ticking time bomb into America via a Ranch.  The vessel: a Rabbit.  This leads to a ton of Spies from different Countries showing up in one place and chaos ensues.  To find out if this film is worth your time, read on...
This man is Russia's Top Spy and he has been given a deadly weapon to set in the United States.  Naturally, they attach it to...
A Rabbit.  How did you guys ever take over so much land again?

Oh and the Rabbit least to the Camera.  Is this real life?
The Spy's arrival is greeted by Spies from just about every major Country in the World, all of whom are trying to stop him.  For a number of dumb reasons, they fail.

These stereotypes are so outlandish that I guess I'm supposed to laugh.  The Mexican Spy is always wearing a Poncho and Sombrero- funny?
The real 'Star' here is Arch Hall Jr, who plays this role like a talentless Elvis.  If you want to see someone act like Elvis in a good Spy Comedy, watch Top Secret!
The Spies don't know where the radioactive isotope is hidden, so devise a number of Slapstick plans to catch the Spy.  They all fail and laughter ensues.  That's what is supposed to happen, at least.
 Okay, maybe a funny face, some random chaos and wacky music will work.

Laugh, damn you!!!!
*Insert Tepid Romance Plot Line Here*
The Spies all engage in a wacky chase scene (with silly music and sped up Benny Hill-style) and manage to stick the dangerous isotope in a lead container, stopping the threat.  That's all it took to stop something that was supposed to irradiate all of the United States in less than week?
Well, blame it on Bunny!  The End.
Eegad, this is lame!  This film is dated, ridiculous and just not that funny.  To be fair, it was probably stupid when it was made.  Even if you compare it to the Comedies of the times, it is pretty damn stupid.  For all the Benny Hill stuff and films like it, there are some legitimately-good Films from this Era.  You don't ever want to disown a whole Decade with generalities, after all.  The best defense of this film one can really offer is that it was aimed at a younger audience.  I can see someone saying that, but I don't see why films for Kids have to be stupid as hell like this.  Do you like your Kids being talked down to?  I certainly don't like when it happens to my theoretical Children!  You could also try to argue that this film is pure, harmless fun.  I don't know about the fun part so much, but let's focus on the adjectives.  The film is chock full of cartoonish Racial Stereotypes like the Japanese man you saw earlier, the Mexican in the Sombrero and the German man always wearing his monocle.  I'm not necessarily-offended by this, but it is kind of Racist.  It is that 'is it harmless' kind of Racism, but it is Racism nonetheless.  In summary, it's not really funny, interesting or tasteful at all.  On the plus side, it has a Midget and Richard 'Jaws' Kiel as a Ranch Hand.
Next up, a pair of recent DTV Action Films.  First up, the sort-of Sequel to a Project Terrible film featuring Zombies, Robots and a surprisingly-awake Dolph Lundgren.  Stay tuned...

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