Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Blob (1988)

The only thing worse than being a pointless Victim in a Horror Film is being one who's alternative fate is almost as bad.

In 1988's The Blob, our hero's amorous friend is out on a date with a girl.  He has been giving her juice and it seems to be wearing her out.
As it turns out, this early version of Quagmire has been giving her lots of booze via his Trunk-based Bar.  This guy takes Date Rape to disturbing levels with this amount of pre-planning!
He returns to find the girl passed out and gets ready to go to work when something weird starts to happen to her.
Her face turning into a deflating basketball qualifies as weird to you too, right?  Thought so.
As it turns out, the Blob had snuck in (somehow) and started to eat/melt her while he was away and then it kills him.  I guess she was just a vessel.
Now, to be fair, she does have a name (Vicki De Soto).  She ONLY has a name since he announces in a previous Scene that he has a date with her that night.  The character only speaks maybe two lines.

So this poor girl escapes a Date Rape scenario...by being eaten by an acidic alien beast.  Yea?

Incidentally, she is played by Erika Eleniak, the star of Baywatch and a number of less-than-good films on Mondo Bizarro.  You have to start (dying) somewhere, I guess.

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  1. This scene should be used in a TV campaign against Date Rape. "Watch out Date Rapers. The Blob will get you" ;)