Thursday, April 24, 2014

Old-School TV: Tales of Tomorrow- The Dark Angel

With my original source of this nearly-forgotten TV Show tapped (49 cents well-spent), I've had to resort to a new source.  I only Rented it, but it did give me two Episodes worth...
Going into this Episode, I was hoping for something neat and interesting to lure me back in.  I think that this one certainly sufficed...
A man has a Police Officer arrive at his Door.  The man confesses to the Murder of his Wife and proceeds to tell the Officer (who doesn't actually take him in- so polite) the story...
Long ago, the local Doctor pays a Visit to check on his Wife.  It seems that she has made a miraculous recovery from some bruised less than a week.  Hmm...that's certainly odd.

She's not Wolverine, is she?
She finally breaks the news to her husband: she's a great form of life and can't live with him anymore.

I guess 'It's not you, it's me' hadn't been invented by 1951, because your explanation is just weird!
Is the Story too tense for you?  Need to relax?

Never fear, as this DVD comes complete with the Start, Middle and End Ads for Jacques Kreisler Watch Bands.  The only company to box their items shaped like A GUN!
Back to the Story as the now-ex-Wife is a Scientist and he tracks her down.  Thanks, convenient Exposition Tribune!
He finds her and tries to convince her to come back.  She's very much in the 'no' category here.
After she tells him that 'normal people' like him will be replaced, he does the only logical thing: he shoots her to death.

Want to see how TV Standards have changed?  They can't actually show her being shot, even if it was not going to have blood or anything.
Ready for the twist?  I know that you are.
Officer No Arrest is not actually a Cop!  That does actually explain alot, to be honest.
No, he is actually one of these 'advanced' people and he reveals that the Wife is not really dead (I guess they are bullet-proof like the guys in What Planet Are You From?)...but he will be!  The End.
That was an interesting one, that's for sure.  What I look for in Tales of Tomorrow Episodes is ones that stand on their own (like Frankenstein) or ones that tell a unique Story.  This one is certainly the latter.  I also like to look at these and think 'I wonder if they've ever been done again?'  Considering the fact that there has been about 2,004 Sci-Fi/Horror Anthology Shows since this one.  Feel free to leave a comment or something if it has.  The Episode is obviously-lacking when it comes to Special Effects.  If you're new to these, the Episodes are basically just Live Short Plays.  Can you imagine shooting The Twilight Zone or Masters of Horror on Live Television?  The balance for the shows is giving you enough interesting stuff without teasing you.  An Episode about people trapped in a building with some sort of Spirit- good.  An Episode about Godzilla attacking the City just out of view- not good.  While the Episode is lacking in any real explanation, it is still a neat Story.  If you can accept them for what they are, you can enjoy good Episodes like this.  Fans of Old School TV/Sci-Fi definitely need to track down Episodes like this one.  Plus, there's this totally-real gun case...

Up next, a tale about Aliens up to no good.  Can one Reporter find the Saucers and expose the truth?  Stay tuned...

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  1. I've always liked the low-budget look of this show... like old Dr. Who episodes.
    A number of these episodes are up on The Internet Archive as well.