Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Blob (1958)

When in doubt, don't help a friend.

In honor of what I guess is sort of Blob Week (remember when I used to plan this shit?), I thought I'd grace you with a Poor Bastard of Cinema from the 1958 Classic.

When the Bum with the Blob on his hand is brought in to the local Doctor by our heroes, he calls in his Nurse- even though it is Friday and she no doubt planned to enjoy one of these new TV Dinners.
As you probably guessed, the Blob ate him up (off-camera).  It looks less like a Blob and more like a dead Krang to me though.
Our Nurse gets cornered in the room with the creature, while the Doctor...just kind of hangs out there.  He'll be back in like five minutes tops!
'No, my promising career as a Small Town Nurse!!!  Who will feed my 5 Cats?!?  Blargh!'
When the Doctor starts shooting, it is too late to save her.  This inter-galactic menace eats faster than your typical American at a Chinese Buffet!
Alas poor Nurse, your only crime was being willing to help your boss.  Just to be safe, I'm going to NOT help my boss next time she calls.

I could get fired, but I am also guaranteeing that I am not eaten by a Blob!  One of those is due to show up by 2018, after all!

Next up, the 1988 film gets a turn.  There's is far more gory and features a pseudo-celebrity.  Stay tuned...

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