Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spotted Braaaainss : Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

It's the less interesting version of The Grapes of Death.  Today's film is Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka about 15 other titles on IMDB.  It's a British Zombie film that tries to do its own thing.  That's great- I'm all for it.  Unfortunately, 'its own thing' is make a film that takes forever to get started and never really gets into third gear.  It has good atmosphere when the plot really starts, but that's about it.  I really don't want to hate on this movie- since I'm sure that it has many fans- but I can't just like something because its British.  It's the same reason that I don't watch Downtown Abbey- I'll either like it (and seem like a sheep) or not like it (and just be negative).  So, here's my (harsh) opinion on this British Import that's less interesting to me than Mr. Bean...
I hope like 10 to 15 minutes of people casually going out to the country.  I'll try to focus on how silly he looks in those goggles...
In place of the DDT on the Wine Fields, we have a radioactive device that zaps ants in the ground and makes them leave.  Who does that?!?
Hey look- a Zombie.  That or he's making the mandatory 5 AM walk back home from the Pub.
The first kill of the movie is perceived to be a murder by the hands of the abused spouse of the deceased.  Interesting.  How does she take it?
Not so well.
After seeing Zombies attack and narrowly escaping them (in one of the two big horror set-pieces), our heroes finally figure out the connection between the people irradiating the ground soil/water and Zombies.  About freaking time, buddy!
The other big set piece occurs at a Hospital where corpses were deposited earlier.  Yea- naked Zombies!

With how dark the film has been so far, maybe we can get a happy ending to even it out.
Well, our heroine is turned into a Zombie and left to burn to death.  As for our hero...
He's shot to death by the Police.  Haven't seen this ending before, have we?

Oh and he later kills the Cop.  I'd ask how he shambled to the guy's house- where he'd never been before- and accomplished this, but the movie never does.  The End.
Eh, it could have been a lot more interesting.  To begin, let me make this statement: this is not a bad movie.  It's just badly-paced IMHO.  There's a neat story and premise here...but they kill it.  I'm sorry, but it's true (to me).  I wanted to like this movie.  The positives: the premise and the twist on how its treated.  I like that it's not just 'Zombies are here- hide in a building.'  I'll gladly give them credit for it.  The problem is that the whole film is just built around two or three big scenes.  The rest of the film just suffers for that, making it seem to just be treading water.  There are a ton of great moments here...you just have to endure some slow pacing and tediousness to get there.  A random scene from the beginning is actually a great micro-chasm of the film's problem.  During generic footage of the hero leaving for the country and a woman random streaks. It's obviously a staged moment- see here check the camera for her cue-, but nothing comes of it.  There's not even a single 'What is that?!?' reaction shot from Extras (willing or otherwise).  How do you do that?  Ask the makers of Let Sleeping Corpses Lie...
Next up, a Mario Bava film that was ahead of its time.  If you can spot all of the films that it inspired, you have working eyes.  Stay tuned...

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