Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project Terrible: Round 8 Announcement!

The Blogger vs. Blogger Challenge is back, baby!

Round 8 is going to include all of the members you've previously seen.  The Girl Who Loves Horror, Gaming Creatively, Cinema Gonzo, Let's Get Out of Here and Maynard Morrisey's Horror Diary are all here!

I'll update this post as the film choices become more clear and official.

Round 8 will be a bit shorter for others, as they are kind enough to squeeze it onto their calendars.  A more balanced Round will return as soon as possible.

Films that I've given out are...

* Shaolin Dolemite
* The Bermuda Triangle (1975)
* 1313: Bermuda Triangle
* The Dead Undead

Films given out for me and others include...

* Message from Space
* The Legend of Boggy Creek
* Birdemic: Shock and Terror
* Haunted Poland
* Fading of the Cries
* Snowbeast

As you can see, this Round is going to be full of crap.  Take heart, dear readers, that you will not be watching them- we will.

Be sure to keep an eye out for all of the Project Terrible 'goodness' this November!

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