Thursday, October 11, 2012

Because I Watched It: Dr. Caligari and Frakenstein (1910)

As you may know, I love films from all countries, decades and genres.  To that end, I've seen a ton of it- much of it being Public Domain.  Thanks to YouTube, most of that stuff is available for Streaming.

To begin with, one of my favorite horror films.  It's the originator of stylish horror and the grandfather of the twist ending.  It's the almighty Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!
As a bonus, the *original* version of Frankenstein.  If you can forgive how much of a money-grubbing dick he was in the infancy of the Film Industry, you'll get a kick out of Thomas Edison's 1910 version...
There's plenty more Public Domain horror out there.  If you have some you really want me to showcase, leave a comment.  Otherwise, I'll just keep doing what I do.

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