Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Because I Watched It: Rifftrax Live Show Promotion

Yes, I'm blatantly-promoting a show that I am not getting paid for.  Maybe the folks at Rifftrax could fix that- hint hint.

'Birdemic' is a truly terrible movie.  In fact, it *may* be showing up in some future Terrible-ness.  Wink.
If you need more reasons to see this show- playing Live in Theaters nation-wide-, here's the guys themselves promoting the show.
In case I didn't make this direct enough, here's one more...
So yeah, go see it.  I am.  If you happen to live in the same city as me, you'll be able to see me there.

If not, just imagine that you can.

I should be able to squeeze one more Because I Watched It in before Halloween.  What will make the cut?  Stay tuned...

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