Friday, October 5, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Tourist Trap

Where random people are dying for no good reason, Poor Bastards of Cinema will be there.

In Tourist Trap, some random people get captured/attacked by a crazy farmer.  In his dungeon, he also has another victim...who was not established before.
The reason she's here is to die.  Apparently, they couldn't do the 'smother your face with plaster and make your heart give out' routine with them.
So yeah, she's apparently dead.  I guess the Tingler showed up to kill her when the plaster went over her face.
Like I said, this character has no introduction.  She just appears as a captured victim and gets killed in her one scene.  Tanya Roberts didn't want to get plaster on her face?  What's the deal?

Don't.  Artificially.  Raise.  Your.  Body. Count.  Movies!

Next up, a pair of unfortunate victims from a Seagal film.  No, it's not the audience- this time.  Stay tuned...

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