Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Children of the Corn II (Part 2)

Poor Bastards are back!

In this update, two jerk reporters run afoul of our film's hero.  Leave it to Children of the Corn II to punish their hubris...with death!
For no good reason, the lead guy decides that they should take a shortcut through a Cornfield.  Ignoring the obvious- which they don't know- is that really a good idea?
Naturally, the black guy- and the only one, mind you- dies first.  Cliche confirmed!  The evil Corn Stalks attack him and...cut his throat.  Um...Magic Corn Powers?
The lead guy gets killed Amityville III-style by a flying Corn Stalk.  You could have moved, but clearly yelling was the best reaction.
Aside from this being just a random kill that is barely-relevant later (someone finds the body), this is also the only kill involving killer Corn or magic.  It's both pointless and it contradicts the rest of the film!

Next up, some Vampires ruin a man's family life.  Although, to be fair, Van Helsing doesn't do much to help him either.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Great feature of a horror flick shot not too many miles from me - with my old buddy Rod Trevelier as the white guy with the foreign object lodged in his throat! Cheers!