Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rare Flix: Munchies

I've made a terrible mistake.  Today's film is Munchies.  It's a rip-off of Ghoulies.  Ghoulies is a rip-off of Gremlins. This film stars a good comedian who could do a lot better.  This is the result...
Somewhere in Central America, a scientist- Harvey Korman- and his son- some schmuck- investigate a cave and discover an alien.  Don't get your hopes up.
Back home, the scientist goes to tell some people he knows about his discovery.  However, he's being watched by a mysterious figure.  Who is it?
It's Harvey Korman in a wig and fake mustache.  No, I'm not going to accept this!
No.  Not happening.
Definitely no.

The End.
I'm not going to apologize for this.  Here's the thing: there was just no hope for this movie.  I love Harvey Korman, which makes this all the harder.  While I didn't watch The Carol Burnett Show growing up, I did watch such great Mel Brooks films as Blazing Saddles and History of the World: Part 1.  Yes, I watched those as a kid.  Might explain some things about me, in hindsight.  The point is that I can't deal with this film. To be honest with you, the Korman thing only makes it worse- not bad.  It's a bad film.  I must have been thinking of Munchie (no 'S'), which is a Wynorski film.  That's probably bad too, but it's probably funnier- even if it is unintentional.  I leave you with this shot of a man failing to pretend hit his head.  So sad...
Next up, a surprisingly-hard to find film from the '70s.  Can this Vampire film live up to 40 years of hype?  Stay tuned...


  1. I kinda remember at least hearing about Munchies but I don't remember if I actually saw it or not. Looks like I don't need to, eh?

  2. Omg, I've seen this ages ago - bad film indeed.