Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Fairly) Immediate Response: The Avengers

As a long-time comic fan (and I'm more of a Marvel guy than a DC one), I've been waiting a long time for this to be realized properly.

Hell, even in animated form, it's rare to get good Avengers material.  I've had to wait until the current show, while DC had about five kick-ass seasons of Justice League (plus the DTV films).

So, about 12 hours removed from my viewing of it, let me break the movie down...

The Good
- The writing.  I'm not a Whedon-ite, but if he makes more films like this, I will be.
- As deep in comic and film lore as this movie can seem, it's accessible.  See the 'Captain America in 60 Seconds' scene during his introduction.
- Clark Gregg.  That is all.
- The Production overall is amazing.  Set design, costume work (barring one super-tiny complaint), F/X work- you name it, it's great.
- Every character has their moments.  Hulk smashes quite well, Thor shoots much lightning, Iron Man kicks science's ass and Captain America never waivers.  Even newer characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow have good moments (especially together)
- Great action.  See my above comment, but mix in some serious drama, good humor and just plain unexpected moments.  I will SPOIL none of them!

The Bad
- I feel like a giant nerd for even saying this, but I don't like the helmet on Captain America.  It's an Ultimates thing and I'm a purist.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a .0001 though.
- The lack of Supporting Characters from the solo films is another minor gripe.  With so many people in the film, I get it.  Plus, the lazy way they write out Odin (plus all of Asgard) and Natalie Portman is funny in a weird way.
- Who are the Aliens?  In the film, they're just 'the threat.'  I can excuse this though, since I think the next film will address this.

In summary, go see this damn movie.  Are you a comic fan?  Go see it.  Are you a fan of action films?  Go see it.  Do you like grand films that can actually make you laugh?  Go see this movie.

Unless you're allergic to a good time, go see it!!!

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