Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Starch Overload: Children of the Corn (1984)

How can you see how bad it gets if you don't see how it started?  I could probably just get off easily by skipping the original film.  Although, to be fair, I already did the ORIGINAL version nearly a year ago to this day.  Regardless, the first FULL-LENGTH version is well-respected by most people.  Has that ever stopped me from going after a movie?  Nah.  Mind you, I usually cover stuff that nobody defends like Ghoulies IV and Hobgoblins II.  I clearly hate myself.  Anyhow, I did watch the original film, since I intend to do every film in the series.  Yes, even that Remake that nobody likes is going to be covered.  I'm going to work under the basic pretense that you know what Children of the Corn- at least, the original film- is about.  If not, you'll get a basic summary in the review.  Like I did back with Ringu, I'm going to cover the film via bullet points, rather than doing a straight-forward review.  It just seems silly to do otherwise.  You'll see moments that you remember, moments that you may not and some that you may want to forget.  To find out my thoughts, read on...
* There's no questioning that the opening scene is great.  Couldn't they have gotten someone other than the kid to narrate it though?  I'm just saying.

Was the fake-out dream sequence necessary?  Furthermore, part of the events did happen.  Which ones were real?  Um...some of them.
* Isaac and Malachi were interesting characters, but the latter is not as threatening as they thought.  I mean, he gets taken down by our hero twice...with ease.
* I didn't realize how long it would take just for the main characters to get to the Town.  The film's nearly half over- pick up the pace!

* I can't blame the movie for what happened later, but it's weird to see Linda Hamilton play such a weak, weak heroine.  Weird.
* In all fairness, the visual effects in the movie are actually pretty good, especially for being nearly thirty-years old now.  There's this...
...and this.
* Finally, I have to mention the odd, anti-climax of an Ending here.  They defeat the monster (or so they think) and the villainous pair are both dead.

After that, they go to their car...and knock out the last remaining Cult member with the car door...and just kind of leave.  Weird.
Honestly, the film is good, in spite of its faults.  The good parts are obviously the core concept of the film, the atmosphere it builds up and the build-up to the monster appearing.  The footage is so unique that it shows up in at least the first two films!  That said, the movie takes a while to really get going.  Some of this does build up tension, but a lot of it just feels like filler.  I like seeing the guy explore the town...but it just goes on too long.  Overall, the film is a classic.  I don't think that anyone questions that.  There are some silly or slow moments throughout though.  Nobody's perfect, especially a Stephen King film.  For actually having a climax, it beats the $1 Version I covered in 2011.  Unfortunately, a dark storm is coming for this series...
Next up, the crap really starts with the first sequel.  How bad is a film that even Netflix refused to put on Streaming?  Stay tuned...

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  1. Yeah, I rewatched this a little while ago after a long absence and it was so much slooooooower than I remembered. I was kind of disappointed. But it still a classic, no doubt.