Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dean Cain Week: Futuresport

The coming very soon.  While this is not a new film, I should point out that it takes place in 2025.  Furthermore, the crux of what drives the film is said to take place in 2015...which is coming up soon.  That's just poor planning on your part, movie.  The plot of the film is kind of like Rollerball, only it becomes a story about an athlete's redemption and a plan to stop a war with Hawaii.  No, really.  The film takes this ludicrous-sounding idea deadly serious.  Mind you, this is the same film that casts Wesley Snipes and gives him a Jamaican accent.  You can't make this stuff up, folks.  To find out if this film is better than the sum of its parts, read on...
Cain here plays a big-time Futuresport athlete/celebrity.  Why they call it Futuresport when they do it now, I don't know.  I think The Simpsons has made that joke before...
A militant group fighting for a free Hawaii is at arms with the NAA or North-American Alliance.  I want a free sub- where do I sign up?
If you watch Futuresport for, well, Sports action, you might be a bit disappointed.  The main draw of the film is relegated mostly to clips.  Odd, right?
Due to his previous relationship with a reporter- Vanessa Wiliams-, Cain takes on the issue.  This gets him and her attacked.  Confrontational bunch, huh?
Cain's answer: hold a Futuresport match to determine who is in control of Hawaii!  That's better than war, but has a lot of variables.  Have you considered that?
The announcement of this match- featuring a dream team...if we had known these characters before- gets the attention of The Great and Mighty Oz.'s actually just the bad guy.  Close enough.
Since a Sports film is just silly, this film's climax involves a shoot-out and kung-fu fight.  There's still a match too...assuming that you're still interested.
The HLO vs. NAA match is no holds barred.  This combined with the previous action scenes leads Cain's team- of which he is now the Captain- to do something silly...
Of course they win.  Were you expecting anything else?  Does it create the peace though?

The film doesn't really care to answer that, focusing more on whether Cain and Williams hook up.  They do.  The End.
The future is a bit underwhelming.  Don't get me wrong- Futuresport is not a bad movie.  FIrst, the movie is not really focused all that well.  The idea of the HLO is not bad, but they feel a bit out of place in this movie.  What point do they serve here?  I guess the plot point of adding more dramatic merit to the final game is not a bad one.  Maybe if they just talked about there being a group like this and they could still be around.  I just don't feel like the idea of mixing the terrorists in with the pro-athletes- especially when they fight...silly- is all that good.  Aside from that, the plot is a bit distracted with Cain's fall and rise, his relationship with Williams, his relationship with the team, his relationship with Snipes's character, Snipes' back-story and side-plot with the bad guys, the terrorists' actions and even his rival.  Could you guys narrow the plot down a bit?  Overall, the movie is not bad.  It's a good Direct-to-DVD/Made-for-TV movie that will entertain fans of simple, sci-fi films.  Take us away, 'Not Kano'...
Next up, it's only fitting to close with the only other Max Havoc film out there.  Cain plays a villain in a rare turn, but is it enough to make the film interesting?  Stay tuned...

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