Monday, April 2, 2012

Dean Cain Week: Max Havoc- Ring of Fire

No, it's no an April Fool's Day Joke that these are late.  They just are.

Max Havoc is a film series that most people either don't know about or don't care about.  It stars Mickey Hardt, a Swiss man who has only made two films here.  Those films- the Max Havoc films.  Unless you're into every random kung-fu movie out there, you'll not know the guy.  Hell, I am and I still barely know the guy.  Will the second film help things?  Dean Cain is here as the villain, a role he plays very rarely.  The result- I still didn't care all that much.  I watched it, so I might as well review it.  Read on, I guess...
The first thing you'll notice is that this movie is really dark.  I thought my TV was acting up when I watched it, but this is how my screenshots on the PC came out too.

Cain is a Hotel Owner who is hosting a Tennis Player to do a Photo-Shoot.  Despite being an Action Sports Photographer in the last film, Max Havoc is hired for this glamour shot job...
As random, impossible chance would have it, Havoc and Cain's character had a fight at one point, but it ended inconclusively.  That's...unnecessary, movie.
Havoc helps a local nun- Rae Dawn Chong- fight off thugs who want to take over.  I hope you like barely-being able to see the action...
The main kid at the Center has a brother in the gang of thugs.  Correction- he HAD a brother in the gang of thugs.  Want to guess who killed him?
It was Cain, duh!  He splits his time between leading a bunch of thugs to lower property values of the area before he buys the land and trying to romance the Tennis star.  His rival, naturally, is Havoc.
This, of course, is completely unimportant.  This movie couldn't fill out one plot, so they put in a second one.  Yea.
By the way, Martin Kove is in this movie.  He has about two scenes before Cain kills him.  That's...good?
The whole film has built up to this moment: Hardt vs. Cain.  It's a Duel for the Ages!  What Ages, I don't know.
To make a long story short, it's not bad...but you can hardly see a thing.  Hardt wins...duh & all is right with the world...presuming that all of the social problems just sort of fixed themselves.  The End.
Where was the Ring of Fire again?  This film does not have the main thing that made me care about the original film- David Carradine.  His mere presence helped elevate the film...for the moments that he was in it.  Other than that, it was a bland, Action film with a so-so plot.  The characters weren't that interesting and Carmen Electra was just kind of randomly there.  This film...pretty much has the same problems, save for Electra.  Here's a fun fact for you: Christina Cox is a veteran of Action films and is a skilled kickboxer (according to her bio).  How much fighting does she do here?  None.  That says a lot, doesn't it?  It's kind of like Tornado hiring Daniel Bernhadt and making his character a guy that doesn't know (decent) kung-fu.  Oh yeah, that happened too!  The biggest problem is that this film is that the movie is nearly impossible to see at times.  I've got a good TV and Monitor, so I can't blame them.  Is my DVD messed up or did they just not check this film in Editing?  Either way, it takes any fun away from a barely-fun movie.  Sorry, Max- your days of Havoc are over.  Given that they haven't made an English-language film in the last 6 years, I can't see that changing.  Seriously, why can I barely see this?!?
Next up, April truly begins over at Mondo Bizarro with the first Children of the Corn film.  Can the classic film be so bad?  Stay tuned...

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