Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20 Day: Movies That Only Make Sense When You're High

We here at Mondo Bizarro Cinema do not endorse drug use of any kind.  Since everyone is already talking about it today, however, we have decided to cheaply-exploit it to get some attention.  Fair enough, right?

Since I've mostly-retired from Top 12 Lists for the time-being, I can make one for you here...

There are some movies that don't make sense when you're sober.  Many of them were not written by sober people, which probably explains a lot.  Case in point: Roger Corman tells the tale of how he took Acid once before working on The Trip and had to have his Secretary dictate his thoughts.  I wish that they had filmed that, don't you?  To find out just what other films are on my list- and might be on your list of films to watch-, read on...

12. Billy Jack Series: We'll start you off a bit lighter.  The Billy Jack films- not really including The Born Losers- are preachy melodramas peppered with bouts of action.  Billy's speeches and diatribes really only seem poignant and deep if you, well, aren't sober.

11. Dead Man: Even Westerns aren't safe.  This slow, rambling film is full of 'deep' imagery, even going so far as to be shot in black-and-white.  Add in the Neil Young soundtrack and you have a film that makes more sense the more you smoke.

10. The Tingler: The film as a whole is a pretty safe one.  However, one scene features Vincent Price doing LSD as part of his experiment in studying fear.  Add in a scene where a lady is freaked out to death and you have a good film for stoners.

9. Christmas on Mars: Do I need to say anything here?  It's a black-and-white, sci-fi film made by the Flaming Lips.  Words = not necessary.

8. Easy Rider: This one is a stoner classic.  The longer the film goes, the more the imagery skews towards a stoner or LSD user.  This one is another easy one.  Considering how much actual drugs were used during the film, it makes sense.

7. Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine: The Beatles doing random comedy skits with no framing device.  That's all I need to say.  Make it animated- even better.

6. Psych-Out: Hippie-sploitation at is most overt.  Ironically, films like this are well like by Phish fans.  Goes to show you how well they did at demonizing Hippies, clearly.

5. El Topo: I've watched this film sober.  I even watched it at Midnight.  It made no sense.  It has to make sense if you drop Acid...doesn't it?

4. Head: The Monkees star in a film co-written by Jack Nicholson, who also worked on Easy Rider.  This one is a classic of 'You must be high to enjoy it' Cinema.  Is there a name for that yet?

3. The Trip: This is literally about dropping Acid.  It features two of the stars of Easy Rider.  As mentioned before, Roger Corman dropped Acid in order to help make this film.  This one is a gimme.

2. The Wall: Drug culture is all about this movie.  The music, the imagery and the whole package.  At the first glimpse of those kids with the masks on, you'll swear that you were already taking LSD!

1. Evil Bong 1-3(D): I watched the first two of these films for my website.  I didn't laugh.  Clearly, it's only funny if you smoke pot.  Then again, it could just be that it's not funny at all.  Watch it and get back to me on that.

Once again- don't do drugs.

If you still do them, watch some of these movies.

Peace out.

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