Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun (From the Past)

I didn't want to break up the rhythm of the Children of the Corn films with a Holiday review.  Plus, I barely update the site on Sundays anyways.  To that end, I'll re-post some of my previous Easter updates.  With so many new Followers, they may be new to you...

Peter Rottentail- From the makers of Feeders 2 comes a film about a mutant killer rabbit.  The pacing is odd, the acting is bad and the movie's budget wouldn't fund a homeless shelter for a month.  It's so bad that it's ridiculously-bad.  That's right- it's ridicu-bad!

As a bonus, here's some Pics that I never used...
Rabbit Baby...sigh.
As much of a Strip Club as they could afford.
Kottentail- My Easter film from last year is so bad and random that even I don't believe it!  A man gets bitten by a lab bunny (actually a doll) and kills vaguely-hot chicks.  It takes a bizarre, comic turn, even while murders happen on a frequent basis.  It's the holiday equivalent of Project Terrible.
Hi, I'm from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....
Thanks- that sketch is very helpful...
What is the point of the Panels again?
What will future holidays and/or Easters bring?  More crap- that's for sure!  Thanks for reading...

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