Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Children of the Corn II

Animals are usually safe in horror films.  Teenagers- those bitches need to die!  Cats and dogs, meanwhile, can usually escape any danger, usually running alongside a horde of children.  Speaking of children...

Children of the Corn II features the remainder of the Cult from Gatlin taking over the nearby town.  To get to one of the *evil* adults, they use her cat for bait...
She goes under the house to get to the cat...since she couldn't get the cat to just come.  The kids surround it and call the cat out.  Um, Magic Corn Powers?
They call the cat over and kill  So what was the point of murdering the cat?  Was it going to talk?
Seriously, was there a Dead Sea Scrolls-type deal for the Children of the Corn that said that cats were also evil?  What.  The.  Hell?!?

Next up, another pair of people from Children of the Corn II.  The lesson- don't be a jerk to anyone...ever!  Stay tuned...


  1. Wait, so are you saying that the cat is the Poor Bastard and not the old lady who got crushed by her house?!

  2. There's a plot reason for the evil kids to kill the old lady- she's over 19 (by alot).

    There's no plot reason for them to kill the cat, especially given the implication that they used the cat to lure her under the house.

    Poor Bastards of Cinema is all about random, nonsensical death in films. The cat's qualifies IMO.