Thursday, November 24, 2011

Werewolf Week: Big Bad Wolf

I ain't afraid of no wolves!  Today's film is an obscure horror film from 2006, a sentence I probably use quite often.  This one, however, surprises me with its lack of fame.  I don't expect it to be a huge film, but I would think that more people on the Internet would be talking about it.  The film takes the basic idea of a killer werewolf, but gives the creature traits that are not often seen in them.  Quite simply, it's a talking werewolf...that's a complete asshole.  It's Werewolf Freddy Kreuger, folks!  Seriously, how is this not some sort of cult classic, at least!  The film has no real stars to speak of, although it does star one lady from Dead Man's Hand and one of the guys from Flight of the Living Dead.  Yea?  To find out just what this film has to offer and how it embraces the gimmick, read on...
In a pre-Credits scene, a group of men are killed by an unseen monster.  One man survives, leading up to the actual film...
In a plot right out of Pumpkinhead 2 and a dozen other films, a group of 'kids' goes out to the woods.  They are going to spend the weekend at the stepdad's cabin, since he won't be there.
About twenty-odd minutes into the film, a werewolf attacks the cabin and starts killing everyone.  Hand lady gets killed while topless (something that movie was missing), while the other slutty girl gets raped by the werewolf.  Bestiality?
In a weird plot turn, our two remaining heroes spend the rest of the movie investigating the case of who the werewolf was.  Gee, I wonder if it is the guy that it obviously is?  On the plus side, it's not Frank Whaley.
Is a sub-plot with a bunch of teen reporters hounding our heroes important?  No.  Is it just a case of me setting up a future Poor Bastards of Cinema- you bet your ass it is!
The uncle of our hero tries to get the information to prove that the stepfather is a werewolf.  How does it go?  Judge for yourself...
The finale of the film takes place at the Cabin, since this movie loves to recycle sets.  They manage to work in a silly 'I love you, but we're friends' plot too, just to reach 90 minutes.  Thanks for that.
The werewolf- who's totally not the stepdad- manages to survive the Cabin being burned down just to have one last hurrah.  Well, that and to set up a sequel...that will probably never happen.  You win some, you lose some.  The End.
Big bad...decent film.  The plot of this movie could certainly be good.  The problem is that the mystery is not, well, a mystery.  I guess that can work if the film just acts like it's a fact that you should know.  Instead, they play it up for at least half of the film's run-time.  That aside, the gore is quite good and the film uses a lot of practical effects.  I liked the werewolf suit, even when it got all burned up and looked like the guy from Howling VI.  I could have done without the cheesy 'speed power' that the character randomly got that one time though.  If you like gore, freaky scenarios and a plot full of disposable meat shields, you'll like this film.  It misses a lot of little things that make it actually good, but it's fun for the right audience.  If you ever wanted to see a wise-cracking werewolf rape some lady, this is probably the only film for you!  Take us away, other case of pointless nudity...
Next up, I celebrate Thanksgiving with a film loosely involving the Old West, Geronimo and 'Mango' from SNL.  No, I'm still not doing Thankskilling!

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