Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Altered

The life of a cop is not glamorous, especially in a small 'hick' town like the one in Altered.  This leads into the sad death of a nice cop...

Hearing reports of noise from our hero's house, the guy shows up to investigate...and have a beer.
All of the fun ends when he hears the woman in the other room scream, leading to a showdown with the now-loose alien.  As you can see, it doesn't go well for him.
As if that weren't enough, he ends up being tossed in a cage meant for the alien, since one of the other heroes wants to torture it first!  Not a nice end for a nice man.
If only you hadn't done your job for just one night....if only.

Next up, an animal faces a tragic death for no reason.  To make matters worse, fate finds a way to scream him even more.  Stay tuned...

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