Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Black Cobra (reprise)

The idea of Poor Bastards of Cinema came from this very movie.  Let's take a look with pictures.

Our hero is celebrating the death of the villain.  Of course, he's not really dead, but that doesn't stop Fred from wining and dining a lady.
The villain has gone to great lengths to disguise himself as part of his plan to kill our hero.  However...
...he doesn't count on our hero recognizing him based on this inaccurate picture put in the paper.  Of course!
The villain fires a shot at our hero, who pushes himself and the lady out of the way.  However, someone else is not so lucky...
That's right- our hero saves his own ass by getting a guy killed!  Who is this guy?  What was he doing?  Why did he deserve to die, Hammer?

Next up, a party-goer learns the danger of drinking.  Wrong place, wrong time.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Still one of my favorite moments from the movies we've watched. I remember all of us kind of stopping for a moment and all saying, "Wait...did I just see what I thought I saw?" And then we rewind. "Holy crap! He got that poor guy killed!" That was a stunningly awesome terrible moment in a movie with a slew of terrible moments.