Sunday, September 25, 2011

Video Nasties: The Cannibal Man

* This review is a day late.  Big whoop- wanna fight about it? *

Well, you're cutting right to the chase, aren't you?  Today's film comes to us from Spain, a country that determined that indiscriminate violence counts as a plot.  No, it's not Don't Go in the Woods again- these deaths are plot-related.  It tells the tale of a poor man who makes a mistake and makes another to cover for it.  This is followed by another and another and another!  The entire plot could have been negated by one simple action at the beginning.  It's an interesting idea, certainly.  It speaks about escalating violence and how one can question their initial course of action.  Of course, it also means that you just watch the movie going 'Just put an end to this- it's only getting worse!!!  Why won't you listen to me, guy in a movie made 40 years ago?!?'  What sets off this course of action?  To find out, read on as I avoid dousing myself in black pepper before I meet...
Our hero is a poor guy who works at a Slaughterhouse.  Pretense to show animal slaughter?  Awesome.  Him and his lady go out on a date, but get in a conflict with the cab driver.  He dies.
The next day, the girlfriend says that they have to report his death to the Cops.  He says that poor people get screwed and she still says that they have to.  So, naturally, he chokes her to death.
The guy's brother comes back to town before his Wedding and gets told the bad news.  He says that they have to call the Police.  Guess what happens to him- I dare you.
*Sigh*  The fiancee shows up and asks about the brother.  Since the guy hasn't disposed of the bodies, he kills her too.  No cannibal stuff yet, by the way.
The dad shows up and...yeah, this movie is a bit redundant.  Other than a sub-plot involving a neighbor and filler scenes of him disposing of body parts, this is it!
Lastly, a nice lady from the Diner ends up with our main character.  They have sex before she dares attempt to enter the 'corpse room.'  She dies.  Do you really care what happens after this?  Do you really?

Fine.  He goes to jail.  The End.
You are what you don't eat.  The plot of this movie is pretty bare-bones, but I think that's on purpose.  There is not a lot to distract you from the constant escalation of violence that occurs in this movie.  I do think that the order is a bit iffy though.  After accidentally killing one guy and killing his girlfriend, he offs his brother.  No offense to the brother's fiancee or the brother's fiancee's father, but are their deaths as dramatic as the brother's?  They could have easily had the fiancee show up looking for the brother and die, followed by the father and then his own brother.  Here, you get the most dramatic death of the film pretty early on- around 30 minutes in- and everything else just feels not as important.  As far as the film itself goes, it's good, but a lot of people won't like it.  For one thing, the title is very misleading.  The closest he gets to being a cannibal is nearly eating the meat from the plant he works at- and is dumping body parts in at- and he avoids that meal like the plague (see below).  More importantly, the film moves at its own pace, which is quite leisurely.  There are even breaks from what little plot there are!  The film has more interest in showing you the city and making social commentary about the disparagement between rich and poor in 1970's Spain.  Good for you, but I'd rather watch a movie with a plot!  It's not terrible, but you can expect a lot more from a Video Nasty.  Enjoy some soup...
Up next, I tackle the evil of Full Moon's cheap schlock.  First up, a movie with evil and the title...I mean, three movies with evil in the title.  Stay tuned...

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