Saturday, September 10, 2011

After the Crapocalypse: Raiders of the Sun

If you like your mindless action in the desert, you're in luck!  Today's film is one that has been in and out of my Queue about four times in the last couple of years.  It's cheesy poster art featuring a shirtless commando firing a machine gun always got me intrigued...but never enough to actually see it.  When I had to find a loose theme for some action movies- mostly a pretense to review 'Firepower' and 'Attack Force'- this one fit the bill.  So what is it about?  Essentially, two rival forces are fighting in the desert, control, I guess.  Seriously, they never go into much detail, so all I can figure is that they both want to be in charge because it's there.  Notable cast includes Richard Norton and...that's pretty much it.  There are obviously many people here, but Norton is the only one who's kind of famous (and even then, it's to action buffs).  Let's just dive right into the action as we see those space-age men who attempt to be...
Like I said, two rival factions are fighting for control and gun powder.  They need gun powder to shoot more...and gain control.  It's a vicious cycle, people!
After that extended action sequence, our two leads split up- one goes home and the other on a mission.  See if Norton's car here inspires any comparisons...
Life in the desert is cruel.  Raiders attack villages, steal people's wives (like our 2nd lead) and, worst of all, they just killed Simon Pegg!  You bastards- he had so many more genre-parodies to do!
The key word of the day is action.  There is lots of it, even if there is not lots of plot.  It is possible to have both, guys!
While the partner is off on his story, Norton is wounded by the bad guys and taken in by some villagers.  If you aren't thinking about Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome right now, then you are blind!
The final battle takes place at the compound and includes some awesome midgets with guns.  This movie is win now!
All of the villains are vanquished and the day is saved.  Of course, a lot of the raiders are still around somewhere, so this is somewhat of a, they're back together again.  The End.
Yeah, you've seen this film before.  The plot of the film is pretty basic- two groups fight a lot and people die.  To the film's credit, they try to make it seem like more by splitting up the plot between two different leads.  Norton drives around and fights villains, while his young partner tries to find his captured wife.  The problem is that neither plot is all that engaging or unique.  This is a mindless action film through and through.  There are a lot of good moments here- mostly the action- and some weird ones- a scene with a snake that will be addressed in the weeks to come.  If you like these kinds of movies, you'll like this one.  If you don't, you'll probably never rent a film called Raiders of the Sun (especially with that box art) in the first place.  Instead of belaboring the point any more, I'll leave you with this model shot of a car jumping a three-foot gorge...
Next up, I finally tackle my Project Terrible films.  First on the agenda, a film about Hell, racing and...Ben Stiller?  Stay tuned...

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