Friday, September 2, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Warrior's Way

This is another Special Edition of Poor Bastards of Cinema as I highlight a member of the animal kingdom.

Our young hero is trained to be the greatest swordsman of all-time.  In a moment of niceness, his master gives him a dog.
Unfortunately, we see the real reason for this in a later flashback.  He's told that killers must have no mercy.  That means he must kill...
Have a heart, kid!  That's such a cute puppy.  There's absolutely no way that you could ever...
...never mind.  Poor puppy.  Poor cute puppy.  Poor dead, cute puppy.

Next up, a special look at the multiple victims with little build-up from Watchers.  These guys die to keep a plot going!  Stay tuned...

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