Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Charles McCrann

Today is kind of an important day, so I decided to try something little different.  I'm going to talk about one man- Charles McCrann...
Charles was a Princeton and Yale Law Graduate who made a movie in 1980- Toxic Zombies aka Bloodeaters.

However, this was not a usual thing for him.  Despite Directing, Writing, Editing and Starring in the film, he only made one.

What did he do after that?  He continued to work in his real job- a financial services company.  He did that for the next 21 years.

Unfortunately, Marsh and McLennan Companies decided- like many companies- to have their main offices in the biggest financial building in the world- The World Trade Center.

Yes, the reason why I bring up Charles McCrann today is because he died on this day 10 years ago.  His death was alongside numerous others, all of whom deserve recognition for their life's work.

With so much that happened that day and with all of the time that has passed, many- like McCrann- have not gotten that.  I think it's time to change that.

While I did not like his movie, McCrann was by all reports a successful businessman,- as Senior VP of the company- a great family man and an all-around good guy.

He is, and will continue to be, missed.

P.S. Comedy and sarcasm will return tomorrow.  It just doesn't feel right today.

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