Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Terrible: Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives

What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?  Today's film is a slasher-comedy called Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives.  Oh joy.  My personal experience with most horror-comedies has not been good.  I've seen stuff like The Cottage and Severance, only to be really disappointed.  Hell, the exception to the rule appears to be Black Sheep- which I both love and own.  Opinions are certainly likely to differ, but that's just how I feel.  The movies tend to be not that funny and not the least bit scary.  They just force 'jokes' in that fall flat on their face and follow them with 'scary' moments that are not that interesting.  Naturally, this leads into this movie.  It's full of forced 'comedy,' very little scares and just a lot of filler.  I fully-admit that I am not the main audience for this film...but I still think that it sucks.  Sue me!  Is this film truly Terrible though?  Let's find out as try to avoid being poked by (pick your context!) the...
Basically, we get five transvestites who work at a club.  They all have bad pun names on stage too, like Rachel Slur.  My soul hurts a little more each day.
Is the scene of them performing on stage and being introduced important?  Given that they don't actually do much on stage in their 20 seconds each, I'd say 'no.'  By the way, this fat 'lady' is apparently super-tough.  Fat doesn't work that way!
Our 'heroine' has a secret- her boyfriend beats her up after discovering that 'she' is not really a she.  Naturally, he sets up a trap using two Mexicans at a bar frequented by transvestite performers.  That makes perfect sense, so I see no reason to question that.
I should also mention that the film tries to really exploit the whole Grindhouse motif.  In fact, they...are you kidding me?  Yeah, I think I'm done here.  The End.
Dude does most certainly not look like a lady!  The plot of this movie is pretty basic, but they attempt to make it seem like more.  Essentially, a guy does some Trannies wrong and they get revenge.  Thanks to some padding (no pun intended), they manage to make the first half take up just under forty-five minutes.  Was that necessary?  No.  Instead of solid pacing and a better-made film, we get scenes of the Trannies bickering, a scene of one of them interacting with a male stripper and more scenes of them bickering.  As the cardboard cut-out God would say "Get on with it!"  The movie is just full of pointless stupidity, even in the limited portion of the film that I endured.  After about fifty minutes, I knew that they were going to drag their feet on the revenge portion, since there was forty minutes left and only three people to kill.  Do you blame me?  Thanks for the film, Michele.  I look forward to the new levels of Hell that I'll be able to give you a 90-minute tour of. I leave you with this stupid, stupid joke...
Next up, a week of Video Nasties.  The first one up was actually in Project Terrible last time, so it seems fitting.  Stay tuned...


  1. I posted ZONE 39. Just a FYI.

    Ticked-off trannies should not have access to knives. You're begging for trouble at that point.

  2. Hey man, all's fair in Project Terrible! :) I thought this one might be at least funny what with the whole trannie thing but perhaps not. Feel free to torture me with something just as awful in the next round!