Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morality Lessons from 'Fable II': Swingers

I might as well turn my new game addiction into a segment, since it is helping slow my pace of reviewing.  The goal: give you life lessons- right or wrong- that I have learned from it.

1. Don't let your two wives meet.

Being the sleazy Fable character that I am, I married the woman who was described as anything but pure.  I figured that she and my other wife could get a little freaky.  She did not respond the way I thought she would.

Who would have guessed?

Up next, a couple lessons in safe sex from Lionhead Studios.  Stay tuned...


  1. lol dude thats fucking hilarious, I remember hitting on all of the chicks in Fable I after I got bored with my prude wife. She stopped cooking and cleaning and just complained all the time, so what did she expect??

  2. Carl: "She stopped cooking and cleaning and just complained all the time..."

    Wait, you mean that's NOT normal after you've been with a chick for awhile? ;)

  3. I figured the gamemakers would have been more inventive