Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Moments in Stock Footage: Aliens Gone Wild

Full Moon Entertainment is famous for finding cheap ways to make a buck. On one hand, I can applaud them for their ingenuity at times. On the other hand, they blatantly trick their own audiences or pad films with stock footage- see Dollman vs. the Demonic Toys. Sometimes, they are even less subtle...
Aliens Gone Wild
This is literally just all of the alien action clips from their previous films involving aliens. They don't set-up the plots of them either. It's just 'Movie Title' and clips. What do you get here?

*Laserblast- a piece of crap that they only bought, not made. It's even worse without a plot.

*Bad Channels- Oh boy, I get to watch all the weird shit out of context. Hurray!

*Robot Jox 2- This features robots, which I guess is close enough.

*Oblivion- Ooh, the rare sci-fi western. Tell me it features a cast member from Star Trek. Oh wait, it's George Takei.

*Trancers 4- I get to re-live this movie too. Oh joy!

You get the idea. Random footage thrown together = profitable DVD. I actually own this, making it the only Full Moon DVD in my collection. Hey! Don't look at me like that! I got it as a gift.

Next up, more Full Moon retreads. Yes, they really did this more than once. Stay tuned...


  1. So me and my wife are big Full moon supporters, right? So we buy a couple full moon shirts during their 100% off sales online, and I tell her we should wear them to the convention so hopefully Charlie will notice and hook us up with free shit. So we get there, were talking to his son a bit, looking at swag, then Charlie shows up to the Full Moon booth. He says hi, then sees the shirts and he is all ecstatic! I tell him weve been long time fans, we love his films, so he says "Hey, I want you to have something." He turns around, turns back, and signs a copy of ALIENS GONE WILD for us. Priceless. Ill take a picture for you some day, its literally no joke. His chick is hot.

  2. It's rare that you get a gift that is both priceless and worthless. Wow.

    If I signed the movie I've going to cover in the next segment, even you may have returned it...