Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mondo-Filipino: For Your Height Only

Who does not love midgets?  I mean, they're like people, only they can fit in most backpacks!  There is one name that any fan of foreign action and adventure should know: Weng Wang.  I'll give you a moment to stop laughing.  Now then, Mr. Wang...this is not helping, is it...was a big ...okay, I'm not trying to do in his home country.  His star status came from a series of movies in which he plays Agent 00.  Get it- he's short, so he doesn't get the full name!  You may think that the joke is lame...and you would be right.  Even so, this movie is pure awesome in a can- see you later, Prince Albert!  Don't believe me?  Check out my review of...
For Your Height Only
The movie begins with our hero (Weng Wang) in action.  In the first shot of him, he is wielding a full-sized machine gun, as if his small stature was not extremely evident.  He is a spy who works for the government and must stop the evil plans of Mr. Big.  Damn you, Chris Noth!  By the way, when I said I was using that review format last- I lied.
+ Agent 00 is given a bunch of gadgets by his boss, including a ring that can detect poison (don't ask), X-Ray Glasses and a remote control flying hat.  They all get one use (i.e. Wang catches a woman trying to poison him) and are never seen again.
+ Agent 00 befriends the girlfriend of a gang member and gets her help on getting information.
+ While battling one guy in a hotel, the fight ends in a room occupied by a woman.  With a simple 'Hey, wanna screw,' she falls for him.
+ Agent 00 kicks a lot of as, although most of it involves him punching/kicking people in the groin.  In fairness, that is right in his line of sight.
+ Near the climax, Agent 00 flies a jet pack over to the enemy's base.  Suck on that, Black Samurai!
+ He also beats up a bunch of men in karate gear with a katana.  Thankfully, they have one that is to scale
+ The final battle involves Mr. Big a dwarf.  I guess being 4" tall instead of 3" tall counts, huh?  They kung-fu fight, but you already know who wins.
Like I said, this movie is awesome.  It has no right to be, but manages nonetheless.  Weng Wang had an odd star power that is simply unexplainable.  It is hard to imagine that a 2'9" action star could work, but he does.  The movie is not meant to replace the James Bond movies and is just meant to be fun.  In that regard, it succeeds.  The Mondo Macabro release of this comes packed with Challenge of the Tiger, which is a nice bonus.  If you like weird movies, this is a must-see and, just maybe, a must-own.
Up next, the direct-to-video sequel to the American remake of a J-Horror film.  When you can't get Kristen Bell to be in your movie, what does that say?  Stay tuned...


  1. The only thing I love more than midgets is awesome midgets, congrats on being the only person to ever watch this film ever

  2. I consider myself to be in good company. :-)