Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Moments in Stock Footage: Trail of the Pink Panther

With all of the sad celebrity deaths this year, this one seems like a fitting induction. Flashback to 1980 and the death of comedian Peter Sellers. After six Pink Panther films, the studio was left with a quandary- can they do the series without him? Then someone came up with an idea...

They decided to make a movie about Inspector Clouseau having gone missing and a reporter trying to find him. To fill in the gaps of her story, they used outtake footage and unused scenes from the other movies. To make matters worse, they give David Niven a cameo, but then dub his lines over with someone else. They also use a body double at the end a la Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Yes, this is still a Blake Edwards film!

Up next, a series of updates relating to Full Moon Entertainment's exploitation of footage. First up, when your stars says 'no,' find a way to splice him in anyhow. Stay tuned...

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