Saturday, January 30, 2010

Syndicated Incorporated: Cobra

A television show starring Michael Dudikoff- sign me up!  But, before that, a bit of history.

This series was made in the mid-1990s and was originally supposed to be called 'Viper.'  However, Dodge through their car licensing behind another show, complicating the mess.  That show got the name Viper (future entry if it ever gets a DVD release) and left this show in its wake.  Of course, Cobra bombed and Viper managed to get 78 episodes.

The show is about Dudikoff playing Jason 'Scandal' Jackson, a Navy SEAL who quit when he was told to blow up a building full of people in order to get some bad guys.  Of course, they don't show us this.  Instead, we get an hilarious shot of our hero with a fake nose, a mustache and a mullet!  Why?  Because he gets shot in the face in the next scene and taken to the hospital.  Thanks to some brutal doctors, he turns into...his normal face!  Oh, the horror.

He is recruited to work for an organization called COBRA, which helps those who cannot afford help.  The place is run by the bald guy from Masters of the Universe (aka James Tokan), a man who dresses in nothing but bright suits and vests.  Good thing those won't be dated in minutes!  He also works with a young woman to work with who is the 'I'm really smart, but also approachable' type.  Don't you just love cliches?

This show is nothing but action cliches, although it not is terrible.  The fact that Dudikoff spends a whole episode wearing a white jacket and red shirt- that is terrible!  Honestly, it is worth a look just for the sight of Dudikoff's mullet!

Next up, an icon of 1980s action cinema comes to the small screen.  Unfortunately, it is Canadian!  Stay tuned...

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  1. Good assessment.

    I bought the 5-disc set when it was published in Canada (from Canadian Amazon), about 3 or 4 years ago.
    My purchase was based on the Dudi-flicks from the 80s--- I'd never seen 'Cobra' before, but thought the entire series for $30 was worth a look.
    I know there's a much cheaper set out now, but co$t wasn't a concern,-- I just wanted to see this show.

    What a let-down!
    I squirmed through the first two episodes, then put the box-set away for a few weeks.
    Then, I tried a few more episodes, but it didn't get any better.

    I keep it because I'm a fan of Mike's, but the low-budget 'charm' of his A.N. series just couldn't be duplicated-- not with Cobra, anyway.