Friday, January 15, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Scanner Cop 2

I already got a full review out of this movie, so why not one more?  There are actually a couple that merit mentioning from this movie, so I'll just save one for later.  I have plans for it...

Right before the final battle, two random guys get killed by Volkin as he wanders around.  What they were doing in the basement of a retirement home is anyone's guess!  But, it's not over for them yet.

The titular hero's big plan involves creating illusions in order to make his nemesis expend all of his strength.  The first time, the man pictures himself blowing up the detective's head, only to see him alive.  He tries this a second time, but gets the same results.  So, what was the guy really attacking?

As it turns out, our hero was casting illusions over the dead bodies, making the villain desecrate the corpses!  Ah, to be a hero.

Next up, a law enforcement officer not only dies, but does so in a silly outfit.  Even worse, he is never even given a real name!  Stay tuned...

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