Thursday, January 7, 2010


First off, I have to thank Carl (IHLM) for thinking of me when this award came up, even if it does not come with with a promotional prize like a Darth Vader Phone or a free bucket of shrimp. 'Tis an honor, sir. Since the prize is a JPEG, it won't go on my mantle, but it will go on my page's sidebar.

I guess I'm supposed to explain the rules of this, thus making it a chain. Alright.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Place the logo on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about you that you think people would find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 more people
6. Link to those 7 people's sites.
7. Send them messages to let them know that they have been nominated.

I will try to make these things for #4 interesting for you.

* I still have three VHS players in my house, but not a single Blu-Ray one.
* I'm entranced by that weird smell that comes from $1 DVDs. What is that?
* I'm actually a multi-faceted nerd, as a lover of movies (action/horror/etc), comic books, music and wrestling.
* I'm really into Japanese rock, especially Maximum the Hormone.
* I currently have an unfinished short story in the works called 'Cryptozoodyssey.'
* I plan on breaking into the video market of movie reviews as well.
* I like the live-action Daredevil movie, but don't care for Evanescence.

So, with that out of the way, here are my seven nominees.

1. Mondo Macabro: While they have a pretty good following in a lot of markets (i.e. the DVD one), this company's blog is relatively minor. It's a good way to find out about their upcoming releases and film festival appearances. More importantly, they are an awesome company that deserves everyone's support.
2. Soiled Cinema: Even though the site has been quiet for a while, the back-log of reviews is interesting to read. Like mine, it attempts to be varied in both tone, release date and place of origin. There is a twisted sense of humor to it all that some of you might not like (I don't always either), but it is still an interesting read.
3. The Cheap Bin: Someone has probably nominated him already, but I'm too lazy to check. Besides, the guy has an output that is impressive and a selection that is interesting. I like variety in my sites and he certainly has that.
4. Twisted Flicks: If you are into the weird and foreign, this is a great site to check out. A lot of the stuff is salacious, but that's fine with me. Most importantly, he has reviewed The Machine Girl, which automatically gets him my nomination.
5. Who Wants Taters?: This is a fun site that features some interesting content, both good and bad. Like me, he is 'an up-and-comer' and has not reached the triple digits in followers like some of our brethren. Let's correct that, shall we?
6. Paracinema...the Blog: This is the blog site for a magazine, which is always neat to see. Watching two different publication formats unite is always interesting, especially when they both talk about weird crap. At this time, they nearly to 100 followers. Give them a push!
7. Atop the Fourth Wall: It is a weird choice, but hear me out. The site is mostly a venue for Mr. Luvhaug to post his videos on (which also go on That Guy With the Glasses), as well as promote his own comic book and web-comic. Why did I choose him? Because he's damn funny, creative and could always use a bit more promotion. Even if you don't like comics, give at least one of his videos a shot.

That's all from me right now. Make sure you check out all the blogs you can, as there is always a new guy looking to get his foot in the door. Why don't you help him out? It will save you on repair bills later, since they will almost all kick their way in eventually. Thanks again, Carl.


  1. That smell is love. Love, and arsenic.

  2. Seriously, the search for that smell's origin is going to be my Golden Fleece or Fountain of Youth. Just like most of the movies it is attached to, I will more than likely be disappointed by what I get in the end.

  3. Hey, hey....
    How did I not see this until now?

    Thanks for the nod, man!