Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Dog Soldiers

After many suggestions over the last year or so from my friend, I finally watched this movie...and it's really good. The plot is minimalistic, but it has enough layers to it to last the run-time. You don't want to hear me talk about how much I like a movie though. You want to know why it is being inducted in this segment.

After one big siege scene of the house, the men have expended a ton of ammo (they claim it was over sixty rounds) & the werewolves have fled...for the moment. One of the soldiers is standing by the window and decides to throw in a boast.
"Dogs?!? More like pussies!"

Three seconds later, he is grabbed by a werewolf and pulled out the window. Apparently, one of them was waiting around for his cue!
 He screams and people react, but that guy is dead as shit!
So don't taunt your enemies by open windows.  Seems obvious, but...apparently it wasn't.

More of these will come down the I find them. Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah he really did get p0WnZe'ded!!1 He should have known better, honestly. If I was ever being attacked by werewolves, I would keep my god damned mouth shut and I would assume I had been living a lie and my whole life had been part of a sick Horror movie.

  2. That's probably a good way to live your life, actually. Just don't go to a wax museum. That will make your head explode!