Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Magical Moments of Cinema: Max Magician

Let's be honest: this movie is terrible. The plot is silly, the acting is low-caliber and the production values are minimalistic- to say the least! However, the movie does have a certain charm to it- it's funny as hell...to laugh at.

Basically, a kid wanders into a hole in a tree and ends up in a fantasy world, which consists of some woods and a Renaissance Festival. He runs into a Princess and must stop the evil wizard Dagda from taking over the world with his horde of Orc-wannabes.

There is so much in the way of crappy magic in this movie & it is hard to decide which one to highlight. However, one does come to mind...

The film's Deus Ex Machina comes in the form of some Knights that need to be summoned to turn the tide. Thanks to a silly digital effect, the heroes appear...out of a giant pile of leaves. To make matters sillier, there are only three knights, who are dressed in full armor, that are unarmed. That's right- karate knights. This gets better...

After the battle is won, the knights walk back over to the pile and disappear. There is literally no effect used here, not even a sound effect or a flash. Zero. Zip. Nadda. If you watch the movie with the Director's Commentary on, there is a big, awkward silence at this point, as if they just realized that they forgot to put one in! It's completely priceless.

Up next, a Deathstalker villain goes all Glen or Glenda with his assistant to stop our hero. Go ahead- try to rationalize that. Stay tuned...

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