Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Streaming Standard: Pacific Heat

Yes, it is dumb.

It is real dumb.
Even so, I kind of recommend it, albeit with some very important caveats.

Pacific Heat is an Australian Animated Comedy now on Netflix.  I had never heard of it until it showed up.

It is basically someone trying to make Archer and/or Moonbeam City.  One is something to try and achieve, while the other...less so.

The good parts- the bits where it is just so endearingly stupid.
The bad parts- the other 80% of it (give or take).

The Show is basically so-so Improv.  They only have a few ideas, but they are generally kind of funny.  After a while, you do realize just how shallow it is.

Pacific Heat is the Animated equivalent to watching those Videos of Kids falling off of their skateboards.

There's also a recurring thing with Asian Characters look super-stereotypical (of the 1940s).  Is it Racist?  Is it lazy Animation?  I'm not necessarily-offended, but...I feel like I should be concerned a little bit...
If it gets a second Season, will it be better?  Who knows?

In any event, you can stream it, so...well, the standard is lower.  Then again, there is Luke Cage...
Yes, I'm still watching it.  It is just a slow burn kind of Show.  Don't judge me!

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