Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quick Reviews: Sinbad and the War of the Furies

Another Asylum Film with John Morrison/Nitro/Mundo/Hennigan?  Really?  Alright...
In the Modern Day, the descendant of Sinbad (Hennigan) goes after a new treasure- Medusa's Heart.
After he sells it (still pursued by a rival), we awkwardly-learn his backstory: he was an Archeologist who's work was stolen and co-opted by another, who's Daughter is in love with him.

All good?  Great.
Unfortunately, Sinbad and his black friend are pursued by the titular Furies.  They also want the Heart.
They find the buyer, but their enemies continue to pursue them.

To save on the Budget, this all takes place in Los Angeles.  Big shock.
Nearly an hour into your Film- you might as well introduce a Genie.  Why not?
Can Sinbad stop the Heart from empowering evil?  Will good triumph?  Are they just filming in David Michael Latt's House to save money?

To find out the answer to *some* of those questions, watch the Film.
You're not good enough, Mundo.  This one should be fun.  It tries to be a modern-day swashbuckling Action Film.  There are a number of problems with this.  Right off the bat, the Budget.  This things looks and feels cheap.  Like 'shot over a weekend in a Sound Stage' cheap.  They are always inside and rarely use CG Effects.  The ones you get are cheap.  This is important because the fun and craziness is pretty much nullified by the fact that they can't do it.  Great example: the Flying Carpet.  Trapped in a Room, our Heroes activate a magic carpet...that we don't get to see.  They just sit down on the floor and we get a sound effect.  We get a 2-second shot of shadows in front of the Moon before they awkwardly just kind of land.  How did the Carpet get them out of the Room in the first place?  Why do so little with it?  That's this Film in a nutshell- good ideas for fun that just don't happen.  While Hennigan/Mundo/whatever was good as a one-dimensional, moping Hercules, he just can't play this Lead.  His limited Charisma is strained by the bad Dialog and Direction, but he tries.  This is just plain dull and not worth your time.  It is sad to say that the OTHER Sinbad Film by The Asylum is way more stupid fun this.  It does, inexplicably, bring us the return of this popular B-Roll...
Bad, fairly uninteresting stuff.  Not really silly enough to be 'so bad, it is good.'  Just dull.

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