Friday, January 13, 2017

*Holiday* Pilot Wings: Friday the 13th- The Series

Instead of doing another Film in the Series, I might as well talk about the Show.

What do you know- I also have a Segment on TV Pilots.  What luck!
In this Pilot, some stuff goes down at an Antiques Store involving a man, a doll and Hell.
Hey look- future somebody!  Sadly, the same can not be said for the rest of this Cast...
A Man running his Store has things go crazy after a rich Couple shows up and a Girl likes an evil doll.

To make a long story (and dated effects) short, he dies and all of the stuff gets loose!
Later, two Relatives of his show up to go over the Estate.  They are split on what to do with it.
After they decide to open the Shop, the Doll from earlier ends up with Polley again.  What could go wrong?
The answer: her Step-Mom is killed and a Nanny is nearly-killed.  This all leads to the dramatic showdown between a little Girl and our Heroes...on a Merry Go Round.

They get the Doll and lock it up, setting the Series in motion.  The End.
Pretty good, but also pretty silly.  The whole thing has a pretty simple premise- a bunch of evil stuff is loose and you've gotta get it.  If it was good enough for The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, it is good enough for this!  The Pilot sets this all up pretty fluidly, so there's no complaints there.  The Acting is decent, but it definitely feels like a TV Show.  They don't try that hard, so why should I?  The fact that they started with the killer Doll story is a bit odd.  This sure beats Cathy's Curse, at least.  Kudos to young Sarah Polley for playing both cute and creepy.  She is going to have TONS of therapy to go through after this.  It is bad enough that her new life was later interrupted by a sudden Zombie Apocalypse!  In all seriousness, this Pilot does its job, gets a little silly and gives us a Radio Ghost- something I haven't seen since Pulse 3...
A pretty decent set-up for the Show.  Maybe I'll cover it again come the next Friday the 13th- in October!

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